Our Private Client Expertise

We understand that every family situation is different and that there are a variety of reasons for creating a structure. Structures are often set up in the form of a trust or foundation to ensure that assets are seamlessly passed to the next generation, whilst in some cases managing challenging family dynamics.

Trusts and Foundations are robust estate, succession planning and asset protection vehicles that can be the bedrock of multi-generational families, managing and protecting wealth, over many years.

As Trustees or Councillors, we can guide a family through the benefits of setting up a trust or foundation and the process involved, focusing on the practicalities, benefitting from our extensive hands on experience.

We provide regular reporting, taking into account changing family circumstances and relevant external factors. This includes financial statements and investment reports on assets held within trust structures.

We have in-depth knowledge not only in trusts but also in diverse wealth management structures, including foundations, limited liability partnerships, purpose trusts, and private trust companies. 

We can also flexibly support you on your charitable and ESG endeavours.