Our Corporate Expertise

Guernsey offers a number of corporate structures, increasing and adapting as demand requires, offering a number of opportunities and advantages for clients. Furthermore, the jurisdictions of companies we can administer is not limited by the location of our offices; we can offer company formation and administration in a wide variety of reputable jurisdictions.

Beauvoir can assist with all levels of company administration, addressing all appropriate reporting and governance requirements in a timely manner. From relatively simple investment and property holding entities to complex cross-border structures that may have multiple asset classes, including operating companies, in a variety of countries. 

We provide a complete suite of corporate administration services, usually providing the entire board of directors, both corporate and personal, to ensure the company has required substance and “mind and management”.

We provide company secretarial services, resident agent and registered office services, with supporting services including bookkeeping and accounting.

We can also offer company liquidation services and company migration services from a wide variety of jurisdictions to Guernsey.