Our Fund Services

Fund Administration

Beauvoir offers the full suite of fund administration services, helping you take a fund from inception through its entire lifecycle. We can assist with obtaining the necessary authorisations with our regulatory authority and provide Board members if required. Throughout the life of the fund we will diligently oversee its smooth operation, working closely with the other service providers to the fund as required. Guernsey offers a superb location for your fund, considering its access to capital markets around the world.

Green Fund Certification

Should you wish to set up a Green Fund in Guernsey, Beauvoir will be happy to steer you through the certification processes. Our fund and assurance team are also well placed to review your fund against the Green Fund criteria and to certify the fund accordingly.


Beauvoir Group are at the forefront of substance provision in Guernsey, having been providing substance solutions since 2002, long before the current legislation was put into place. Although funds themselves may be out of scope of the substance legislation, their underlying special purpose holding vehicles typically are not. We are able to provide you with Board members for these vehicles with the necessary levels of skills and knowledge to satisfy the substance laws, matched with a company secretarial team poised to record the activities of the board in order that we may demonstrate compliance.